Top Best Tips For Glowing Skin

If you are looking for tips for glowing skin you are on the right page. Here, I will explain briefly about tips for glowing skin. And i described 5 tips for glowing skin. Which are :

  • Almonds and Rose Soap
  • Glowing Skin Mask-1
  • Glowing Skin Mask-2
  • Drink Green Tea for Glowing Skin
  • Drinks for Glowing Skin

1. Almonds and Rose Soap

The first tip for glowing skin is Almonds and Rose soap. By using this soap you can glow your skin quickly. It will be very helpful for you.

Method for Making Soap :


  1. Almond Powder Two Meat Spoon
  2. Rose dried leaves of two meal
  3. Pieces of Vitamins E Soap Ten Grams
  4. Half-round Rose Cup
  5. Glycerine one Dinner Spoon
  6. Hot water half cup
  7. Levandar oil, jasmine oil or rose oil three to four drops

Recipes: Mix all the ingredients to the bottle and put it in the freezer for three days.
Then use it as a soap.

2. Glowing Skin Mask-1

The second tip for glowing skin is Glowing Skin Mask-1. This mask will help you for glowing your skin very fast.

Method for Making Mask-1 :


  1. Strawberry or cherry x2
  2. Yogurt two meal spoon
  3. Bleaching Clay(Multani Mitti) half-teaspoon
  4. Levandar oil or jasmine oil half-teaspoon

Recipes: Apply all the ingredients on the face of the mixture.
When drying, Spray the water rose and clean the face

3. Glowing Skin Mask-2

The third tip for glowing skin is Glowing Skin Mask-2. this tip is very important and also beneficial. This mask will help you for glowing your skin very fast.

Method for Making Mask-2 :


  1. Tomato paste x1
  2. Honey two meal spoon
  3. Camphor(kaafur) 1 pinch
  4. Rose water 2 Meal Spoon

Recipes: Make everything mix and apply for fifteen minutes on the face.
Apply it to your face twice a week for better results.

4. Drink Green Tea for Glowing Skin

The fourth thing is green tea for glowing skin. The green tea plays very important role in glowing skin. So, You can also use green tea for glowing your skin easily.

Method for Making special Green Tea :


  1. Green tea leaves a tea spoon
  2. Spinach leaves x2
  3. Cloves 2-3
  4. Sugar or honey customized taste
  5. One cup of waters
Recipes: Take all the ingredients to the water and cook it for five to eight minutes

and then drink it, once again, drink this tea in a week.

5. Drinks for Glowing Skin

The last thing is drinks for glowing skin. The drinks that i am going to tell you are very helpful for glowing your skin. I highly recommend you these drinks because these very helpful for glowing skin

Drinks List :


  1. Hot milk a cup
  2. Kewra is a tea spoon
  3. Almonds 2,3(crushed)
  4. Two pieces of pistachios (crushed)
  5. Raisins 2,3
  6. Saffron one pinch
  7. Silver pepper x1
  8. Gram Rose a tea spoon

Recipes: Mix all the ingredients in hot milk and drink daily.

The Bottom Line

So , Dear audience I explained the Tips for glowing skin very early. If you
follow these you will glow your skin easily. i hope this article will very helpful for all of you, Stay tuned For further Health tips..

Good Bye..

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