How to Gain Weight

Weight gain and thickness of thin body has become a major issue of today. The weight gainers are complaining that weight loss is not rising even after eating all the weight gain things and many types of medicines. Due to lack of weight, digestive system becomes weak and food can not digest properly because they feel very less hungry. For gaining weight and thickening the thin body Two nutrients Carbohydrates and Proteins play vial and important role. So, in this article i am going to tell you very simple and easy methods to gain weight and thick your thin body..

So Lets Start..

There some important Steps for Gain Your Weight :

  • 1. Boiled Potato
  • 2. Use of Chia Seeds
  • 3. Use of Sago Seeds

1. Boiled Potato

First i am going to talk about boiled Potato. Boiled potatoes are extremely effective for gaining weight. Potato is considered as a powerhouse of carbohydrates, which is able to cure natural and healthy weakening body as soon as it removes physical weaknesses.For this, add 2-3 potatoes daily to your diet, The way your body gets cooked daily by Potatoes, the weight of your body will increase.So By using boiled Potatoes you can gain weight of your body.

2. Use of Chia Seeds

The second method is the Use of Chia Seeds As Chia seeds are beneficial in reducing the weight of the body by reducing extra fat Similarly, Chia seeds are proven to make healthy body and to gain the weight. Put one Chia Seed spoon in a glass of water for 3-4 hours, After that, put it in banana shake and drink, the banana has double advantage to add in it. Its use will not only gain your weight, but also physical weakness will also finish. So , use the Chia seeds to gain weight of your body.

3. Use of Sago Seeds

The third thing the Use of Sago Seeds. Sago seeds plays an important role in making thick and thin body fat. Because if the daily kheer of Sago cooked is cooked and eaten, it gives large amount of proteins and carbohydrates to body which helps to gain weight of your body. If you use it in your daily diet you will find change in your weight in a week. The continuously use of Sago Seeds help you to gain weight of 9-12 Kg easily in a month. It gives strength to your brain. So, By using Sago Seeds you can gain weight easily.

The Bottom Line

So , Dear audience I explained the How to gain weight of your body very early. If you
follow these you will gain weight of your body. i hope this article will very helpful for all of you, Stay tuned For further Health tips..

Good Bye..

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How to Gain Weight

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