How To Working Of Slip-Ring And Commutator

Working Of Slip-ring And Commutator Is Given Below-
  • Slip-rings

Two copper rings, fitted on the shaft of a generator in such a way that these remain insulated from the shaft, are known as slip rings the conductors (or coils) are connected to these rings, as shown in figure 9. two carbon brushes which make sliding contact with the rings are connected to the external circuit to give A.C. supply.
  • Commutator

The commutator consists of copper segments which are assembled into a cylindrical shape. the segment and the whole commutator is kept insulated from the shaft with the help of Mica or micanite sheets. The ends of conductors (or coils) are soldered to the segments. Show the figure 9.

The commutator supplies DC to the external circuit. because, for a half cycle the rotation of conductor, the direction of current remains the same. one conductor remains positive for half cycle and it supplies the EMF to positive brush. In the other half cycle, the second conductor comes near the positive brush and it supplies (+) EMF to it. In this way, the EMF supplied to the external circuit is D.C.

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